If you travel I-95 to Florida, right off
 I-95 is De Real TIng Cafe, a good alternative to fast-food
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 Caribbean Sunrise Bakery
4106 N. Main St. Jacksonville, FL 32206
Phone: 904-355-0405


REVIEW: Caribbean Sunrise Bakery

Caribbean Sunrise Bakery
opened on North Main Street in 1996.

"It's a pleasant and friendly place, reggae playing loudly over the speakers, students from Jackson High School next door stopping in for a bottle of Squeez'r on their way home. Bread is piled high on the counter. It has about 10 tables spread over two rooms. The drive-through window stays busy.

Ricketts, the guy, has eaten there often on his way through town and has a glowing review on his Web site. The fish patty and Muslim bean pie were about the best he's had, he wrote.

Louis Fred Daley -- he goes by Fred -- is the owner. He came to the United States

from Jamaica 12 years ago, but the accent is still strong.

The meals are $3.75 for small, $6.96 for large, which comes with vegetables and plantains. Jerk chicken and oxtails are the best sellers, Daley said. "
Florida Times Union,
Friday, April 20, 2001

To get to Caribbean Sunrise from Highway 95, coming from the south, take the exit for Highway 1 South, go east about a third of a mile and exit onto Main Street. Take Main Street North for about three quarters of a mile. Caribbean Sunrise bakery is a stand-alone building at a far corner of a block on the left hand side of Main Street. Coming from the North, take the Highway 1 exit, go left on Highway 1 and follow the above directions.

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Open 7 days, 8AM- 8PM


Phone: 206-339-9034

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